Spanish Side lock side by side

This spanish side by side was brung to us by the customer who want it repaired, and restored in order to go to small game hunting.
  • Brand & Model: Spanish Eibar
  • Type & Date: 2009-07-09
  • Caliber: 12: 2-3/4
  • Country of origin: Spain
  • This S&S side lock shot gun was born around the years 1950 in Spain, in the gunsmithing capital city of Eibar.  Like in other European countries, all the gunsmithing knowledge were all together  at the same place. Stock makers, Barrel makers, Gun bluers, Finishers, Engravers, Polishers: each profession was living in  Eibar area. The work was there. So, all the craftmen was there too. Although they were working for well known factories, they worked often for semi wholesalers whom mainly exported the guns produced like this. This is why the same gun can be found under several brand names or no brand name at all,  like this one.

    After several successive users in the same familly,  the actual owner thought it was time to take care of this fine shotgun, and has brought it at our shop.

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