Restoration : Colt Delta Elite 10mm Auto

  • Brand & Model: Colt Delta Elite 1911
  • Type & Date: 2014-03-19
  • Caliber: 10 mm AUTO
  • Country of origin: USA
The Delta Elite is a standard M1911 design, with a few minor differences that make it capable to handle the huge power of the 10mm Auto cartridge. Stiffer double recoil spring, and some frame modifications. The 10mm excees the pressure levels of the 357Mag. This is why it has the interest of many outdoors pistol hunters, in USA, and also as a powerfull self defense weapon.
In or Canadian countries, it is used where power counts: as a back up gun where this is allowed: mostely in dangerous game hunting, or in deep wild regions. Or in ''Big BoOomm' gun in many shooting ranges, when poeple ''want something hot , but not revolving''.
The customer brought us this 10mm Auto Delta Elite Colt after the fire has completely destroyed his house. The safe, after a 3 stories drop, was found in the basement, completely drowned out by firefighters. The images speak for themselves. But nothing had twisted, and, even if the grips had melted, we deceided to go further, and to do some hardness testing to check if the integrity of metal was ok. Surprisingly, everything was correct. But we have taken no chance with the springs and have changed them all.
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