Restoration: Charlin

This very particular shotgun was brought to the shop by the son of the owner to have its barrel reblued. Finaly we have choosen together to do a complete irons restoration.
  • Brand & Model: Charlin
  • Type & Date: 2007-07-17
  • Caliber: 12: 2-3/4
  • Country of origin: FRANCE

''Le Fusil Charlin'' is the direct competitor of his better known brother gun: ''Le Fusil Darne''. Both  are French origin, French Engineered, French manufactured, and , over all, completly French crazy! Crazy like the Eiffel Tower, the Citroen DS or the Concorde airplane. Only French men can imagine a shotgun so strange, so light, so well made, and, now, so desirable, due the rarety. 

When the customer (A French Origin Gentelman, now living in Canada) pushed the door of the shop and put this U.F.O. on the desk, I was teleported back in my young years, when I started in the business, in France. It was another century.

Once we had decided to reblue the barrels and the opening key, I had to dig through my documentation to find back how to disassemble this ... madness ... without breaking anything. The book on the bench, I remembered little by little the strangeness and the genius of the mechanism. There is a lot of parts to disassemble before taking off the key. 

But it was a fine moment.

The blueing was done like the origin: Slow rust blueing to a deep dark black-blue.

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