Restoration Antonio ZOLI

  • Brand & Model: Antonio ZOLI Mixte superposé
  • Type & Date: 2015-01-15
  • Caliber: 12 + 20&7.65R
  • Country of origin: Italie
A must have package in European hunts, brought in Canada by a Connoisseur. The perfect gun to walk in the woods, aim fast, and shoot right.

This smart combinaison gun was brought at the shop by the Canadian Owner, to receive a complete restoration, woods and steels. It shows the outrages of many hunting seasons: scratches, dents, bluing fade, an ugly varnished finish on woods, and some malfunctions in the triggers.
In accordance with the Owner, it have been deceided to give it a strong, durable,  slow rust blue on the steels, and a true ''baby skin'' oiled finish on the woods. And to take the benefit of the complete take down to carefully check and replace the  worn parts.
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