Marlin 1895

This original 1895 Marlin was found by the customer in a antique travel case when came the time to make room in the familial house, before doing transformations.
  • Brand & Model: Marlin 1895 Original
  • Type & Date: 2014-03-10
  • Caliber: 45-65
  • Country of origin: USA

From 1895 to 1917 Marlin Firearms produced this lever action rifle in various calibers. The difference with the 1893 model is easy to find: the lever is strait , instead of curved. 

Along with the Winchester 1894, the Marlin has written a large part of the end of the 19th century history and the beggining of the 20th.. And it has been the prefered fire arm of many hunters. A pure piece of North America history.

This is why this one has been restored. 

When the customer came in the shop and opened the case, I took this badly  rusted piece of metal and checked the serial number: only four digits....

It was pretty sure it was an original.

After removing the woods,we took the time to check every parts, to evaluate if a major restoration could be done.

Surprisingly, the inside of the barrel was no pitted, due to a heavy coat of grease.

This was the trigger to start the project.

The customer wanted it like an original, so we did it like that: Slow rust blueing, temper colors, olied woods....and a lot of elbow grease!

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