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Restoration & collectible

Need a restoration? click here
Complete or partial restorations on quality and collectible guns.

Armurier-Gunsmith can bring back all their beauty to your valued guns, in the respect of originals finishes and functions.

Adjustable stocks

Armurier-Gunsmith : crosses reglables
We do stock fitting  as a service.

From measuring, to final fitting, we do stock fitting as a complete service, including in range final adjustments.

Custom works, builds and repairs

We do repairs on any gun
We do customs and work on any guns : long ,  restricted , or prohibited.

We do custom work, repairs, adjustments, fitting,  as long as the gun is registered according to Canadian fire arms law

Muzzle brakes service

Armurier-Gunsmith: muzzle brakes
We can thread and  equip any barrel with our proprietary MUZZART™ muzzle brake.

From the lightests europeans hunting barrels to the heaviest bull target barrel, we can equip them all.

Recoil pads

Longer? Shorter? Smoother? Click here
We stock, fit and adjust most of the best known recoil pads brands.

We can shorten or lenghten your wood or plastic stock and make it a lot more confortable the professionnal way.

Gun blueing

Long, restricted, or prohibited, we blue it !!
We do gun blueing on quality fire arms.

We do slow rust blueing and damascus brown to bring back your quality fire arm to his original, valuable condition.

Appraisals Identifications Estimates

What the gun is that !!???
How much? Who is the manufacturer? Which stamp is that?

There is lot of questions we can answer after several decenies of documentation accumulation. All is not on the internet.

Accepting major credit cards + Interac solutions
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