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2019   OCT   21Th:   Federal Elections :        VOTE !


October 21th, you are going to vote for (to give money to...) political parties.

Most of them will use your taxes to make new gun laws:
Liberals - NPD - Bloc Quebecois - Green - Poeple's Party.

One of them, will not: Conservative Party of Canada.

Otherwise said:

Most of them will use you money to make more gun laws, in a country...:
where pedophils are not yet listed,
where bridges (new and old) are falling down,
where school drop-out rate is shamefully high,
where we have to wait 18 hours to be inspected by an urgentist at the hospital
where roads are just an assembly of holes and patches.

Fortunately the liberalization of drugs allows us to forget all these misfortunes:
Each evening, we can reach a state of beatitude where nothing counts,without fearing the law.
What a great social step forward !

To slip his ballot into the ballot box is like slipping a wad of banknotes into the box.

If you think that legal drugs, weapons legislation, and the systematic use of budget deficits
are the best projects your taxes can finance: continue to vote for clowns.

If you think there is better to do with your hard earned money: you know what to do on October 21st.




Armurier-Gunsmith manufactures a wide range of muzzle brakes. From the economical 90┬░ 8 rows cross drilled model, to the quiet fine tuned 12 rows 66 holes model with balancing chamber, there is, for sure, a model suited to your needs.  Plus customs models for special purposes.
Stainless or CroMo steel, blued or not, mat, brushed,  or high polish finished, they match the look of the barrel.
Front sights can be integrated most of the time. Or not. Your choice.
Muzzart products come with a 10 years  warranty.


Why a muzzle brake ?

The muzzle brake becomes usefull when the shooter fears his rifle. Once the brain has registred that ''bang!'' means: pain, it switches on semi automatic mode. The next time the shooter will press the trigger, the brain will take the lead and push the forearms forward, to avoid, if possible, that the stock hurts the shoulder.

But this is impossible. No human forearms can beat the recoil power of a common deer hunting rifle.


Flinch and pain

The consequences of the fear of recoil are: loss of precision when shooting, due to the ''flinch'' reflex. And more pain, because the rifle stock, is no longer in contact with the shoulder. So there is no mass weighting in opposition to the recoil, but a barrier on which the back of the rifle stock will smach with A LOT of speed!! Ouch !!

This was for the shoulder. Let' s talk about the nose, and the eyebrow now: .

If the smash of the stock on the soulder is painfull, it is nothing compared with the pain of a riflescope smashing the face at the same speed. This hapens very often at the shooting range when all comes right: Imagine what happens in the woods where the shooting position is far from perfect, in a cold weather, with a lot of stress due to the buck fever...

And suddenly, the nice rifle you have carefully choosen becomes a nightmare.

You are done for a anti-recoil therapy.

Brake? ...or no brake?

The muzzle brake is not necessarily the best answer. Sometimes the stock length needs to be adjusted to the shooter's shape. Sometimes the scope needs to be relocated. Sometimes a mercury counterweight soundly located is the best. Sometimes the muzzle brake is the only solution.

It depends on many factors like: the shape, the weight, the laterality of the shooter, added to the muzzle energy and the dimensions of the rifle.

Our proprietary computer based program shows clearly the key points, and is a good starting indication on what to do to improve the comfort of the shooter.

The best way to evaluate the optimal solution is to come at the shop with your ready to shoot rifle, yours usual jacket, and your ammunitions.

We are manufacturers: no middle man here


We, at Armurier_Gunsmith manufacture the entire Muzzart muzle brakes line in our shop. From ingeniering to final testing, we do it all here. Selecting steels, cuting blanks, deep drilling axis holes, choosing the right product with the customer, threading his barrel, finishing, blueing if needed: there is no middle man between you , and us.

This means that every cent of your precious dollars are devoted to the quality of the product and the service you have choosen to buy from us. This is the best insurance to have your money well spent.



Does the muzzle brake change the impact point?

Yes, it does. If you was dead ont bull's eye without muzzle brake, there is a huge chance that you will be off with the new device.

This is a shift of impact. NOT a spread of grouping. So you need to reajust your impact point after the muzzle breake has been adjusted to your barrel

This is true for any muzzle brake in the world.

Does the muzzle brake change the grouping?

No it does'nt.

If the muzzle brake is well manufactured, and the most important: well adjusted to the rifle, there is no difference in grouping before and after.

Do you sell Muzzart Muzzle brakes as spare parts?

No, we don't.

In order to keep the highest level of quality, we sell Muzzart muzzle brakes as a complete custom service: the engineering + the product + the machining of the barrel + finish + the Waranty.

We do frequently works for people away from us. Canada Post is the best carrier if you want to send us your weapon. We just need the action and the barrel, and some additional information you can provide us apart. You can let the trigger on it. Please, DON'T send anything before communicating with us.

Does the muzzle brake make more noise?

Yes it does.

Every rifle equiped with a muzzle brake makes more noise than a rifle without. A very simple accoustics calculation shows it. There is ABSOLUTLY NO EXCEPTION to this point. There is NO possibility to avoid this. Otherwise, this is not a muzzle brake, this is a silencer. Silencers are strictly prohibited by the Firearms Canadian law. All the rest that you may have heard is total bullshit.

But....the good question is: how much more?

Poor engineered muzzle brakes make A LOT more noise than advanced ones. This is one of the reason we have made several models in the range of MUZZART muzzle brakes. Some of them pack a special feature to take care of the customer's ears.

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