Gun Cleaning


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Gun cleaning


Gun cleaning at Armurier-Gunsmith

To ensure a good cycling, without problems or risks, a good accuracy, and years of reliable service, all guns must be throughly cleaned-up. Rifles, shotguns, pistols, and revolvers.

With a special mention to semi-auto guns.

We don't do it by field strip, or partial take down.


We do advanced cleaning by completely taking down the gun in order that cleaning products work the most efficient way.


This is the only way to really zero clean a gun.

What is included in the cleaning service

After the gun have been completely stripped down, every part-piece-place can be reached by the cleaning products, and the cleaning tools.

To offer a better service, we use a part washer which combines compressed air shaking action for very dirty parts and ultrasonic sligthest action for delicate mechanisms..

Sometimes we use also hand washing to clean up difficults parts.

Everything is cleaned: mechanisme, gas ports, stock, recoil pad.

Barrels receive a special treatment with specialised products, in the total respect of their specifications.

The parts are carrefully oiled with adequate professional oil, or grease, or syntech lube if needed, according to the manufacturer's specifications, and the use the customer wants to do with his gun.

And, of course, this the better time to check, test, and dectect malfunctions, on every part of the gun.


Don't wait too late for a complete cleaning!

The complete cleaning should be done every year, after the hunting or shooting season.

Ok, do not dream...

Let's say it another way: every each box of ammo (20 rounds) for a semi auto or a bolt action rifle, every each case of ammo ( 250 rounds) for a shotgun. This is the minimum service you can give to your gun. You can ( you should...) do it more frequently, in facts.

But remember: it take only 8 days to ruin a gun with rust, if it has not been correctly cleaned and stored. Once this has occured, the bill is not the same. And sometimes, the inside of the barrel is also pitted. In that case, this is too late. The gun is dead because the cost of changing the barrel will be higher than the cost of a new rifle.

So don't wait until too late for a good complete cleaning.