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Stock fitting is for everyone

Are you left handed? Are you a woman? Are you 5'6'' tall? Are you 6'2'' tall? Do you weight 220 Lbs? Do you shot 2-3 or 4 seasons in any place in Canada? Do you bought a used gun? 
We have 2 news for you: one bad, and one good. 
Let's go first with the bad: you rifle or shotgun had not been made for you :(  It had been made for a man, right handed, 5'8'' tall, weigthing 170 Lbs, by following the same ergonomics model, used by every gun manufacturer accross the world. US or European.
Then the good new: we can do everything to solve this problem and adjust your favourite gun stock to fit you perfectly. There is a lot of benefits.

Stock fitting on Shotguns

Stock fitting on rifles

shotgun stocks specifics solutions

First of all (before anything else)

We need YOU !!! (and you shotgun)

God made us unequals, while guns manufacturers build their products all the same. At the gun store, you can't chose the shape, or the dimensions of your stock. This possibility does not exists because it is not given by the manufacturers.

So, there is little chance that your shotgun stock match your body shape the right way like supposed.

There for long as we know the dimensions of Europeans, or Americans gun makers. What we ingnore is your body shape.

This is why we need you, in person, with your usual shooting jacket: we have to take your measures.

The shotgun stock fitting process

We have got the measurements ...and now ?

Now we have to speak togethers about your needs, your shooting habits, and your experience. Then we will give all the datas to our computerized proprietary program...and let it work for us.

The result is an ''Ideal shotgun stock'' that is supposed to fit you like a glove, and solve all you problems......

In facts, not exactly... :)

The result is only an approach. We have to work again together to find the best solution for you, your shotgun.....and your money.

This the most important moment in the process: the moment of reasonable investment versus awaited results.

Obtained benefits

The main benefit is to shoot more comfortable, in a good technical position. Which means more accuracy, and less strain. Better results follow, each time. And more fun.

For beginners , it is a must to start in good conditions and avoid bad habits difficult to fight after.Frequently, even skilled shooters do a progress in regularity..

If the added device has been carefully choosen and fitted, the value of the gun increases. And the versatility also.

This is usefull when comes the time to sell the gun as used.


First of all (before anything else)

We need you AND your scope !!! ( and your rifle)

Doing stock fitting on rifles is very different than doing it on shotguns due to the usage of rifle sights or rifle scope.

The goal is adjust the rifle stock length, the scope height, AND the eye relief at the same time, while managing the recoil. The results can be a comfortable feeling at shooting if the job is done right, or extremely dangerous if the solutions or the parts used are not well suited.

There for long as we know the dimensions of Europeans, or Americans rifle and scope makers. What we ingnore is your body shape.

This is why we need you, in person, with your usual sporting jacket, and your scope: we have to take your measures

The rifle stock fitting process

We have the mesures and found the scope datas ...and now?

First we compute all the measurements we took on the shooter, the rifle, the scope, in addition to the rifle scope's optical datas, in a proprietary program. The results give the ideal(s) stock(s) dimensions for various shooting positions.

Then comes the time to ask the owner about its habits, and shooting or hunting conditions. So that he can choose the best solution for his needs and his money... :)

While accuracy and comfort are the goal, no compromise can be done on the security side when adjusting rifle stocks. The recoil can be managed, but never be ignored.

Obtained benefits


This must not be ignored, outpassed, forgotten, or fixed by inadequate methods

This is why, the main benefit of a good rifle stock fitting is: peace of mind.

If the shooter feels secure with his rifle, he will shoot better. When comes the time to kill live game, it makes sense, to be sure to shoot accurately.

If the choosen solution is an adjustable pad mechanism, it gives more value to the rifle and may help to sell it as used.

Pachmayr-Kickeez-Limbsaver Recoil Pads


When doing a stock fitting, or putting on an adjustable stock mechanism, this is the time to think of the recoil pad.

A well built and corfortable recoil pad changes the feeling at shooting. A carefull custom fitting adds to the beauty and the value of the gun.

We use the three world-wide best known pad manufacturers: Pachmayr, Kickeez, and Limbsaver. Each of them have its own particularities.

+1/4'' ?.... +1/2''?.....+1Po¾ ? ....-13mm?.....+27mm??.... we can do it ALL the professional way, on wood, synthetic or composite stocks.

We can help you to choice the best suited for your needs.


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